Autumn’s Wings Sensory Enrichment Oasis

Legends Ride 2010

Mission Statement

The simple pleasures and joys that children experience running, playing and enjoying a sunny day are sometimes not available for children with special needs. Due to limitations, they don’t experience or are unable to interact with their surroundings, limiting their sensory experiences.This program is designed for individuals with a range of disabilities, including autism, visual and hearing impairment, and Down syndrome.

“Autumn’s Wings sensory enrichment Oasis” is a unique therapeutic center. We place special emphasis on family involvement with our special needs loved ones. The grounds are a peaceful and warm setting providing a safe haven for those special families struggling to achieve normalcy or find a special place for fulfilling quality time.

The mission of “Autumn’s Wings Sensory Enrichment Oasis” is to enhance the quality of life of individuals with cognitive and/or physical disabilities by providing them with FREE theraputic sensory enrichment of the highest possible quality, in a warm, safe and beautiful environment. To give a open-hearted environment for families to bond and play with their special needs loved one without feeling different no disapproving looks here or the stress of trying to make everybody else around you feel comfortable. This is “OUR” special place!

Autumn’s Wings grounds

The grounds include walking paths with benches along the way winding their way around streams and a little waterfall (fairys live there, if your quite they might come out!) Beautiful views and park like grounds.

-Equestrian therapy available.
-Buggy rides available.
-2 Giant indoor and outdoor Sensory playgrounds filled with a wide variety of sensory enriching equipment.

Did you know…?

Multi Sensory Environments can open up a whole new world for individuals with cognitive and physical impairments. Providing a stimulating environment can:

-Increase concentration and focus attention
-Develop or reactivate senses of hearing, sight, smell, touch, and taste
-Heighten awareness and improve alertness
-Improve coordination and motor development
-Promote cognitive development by increased brain function
-Lead participants to explore their environment
-Provide a sense of security
-Be in an unrestrained atmosphere where participants can enjoy themselves
-Improve creativity
-Stimulate the sensory building blocks
-Develop of a sense of cause and effect
-Develop language more vocalization
-Promote social interactions
-Promote mental and physical relaxation
-Stress levels drop dramaticallyResult in more calmness and lower aggressive behaviors
-Increase opportunity for choice and self-determination
-Improve communication and sharing
-Lead to non-responsive patients becoming communicatative
-Provide relief from pain and painful physiotherapy
-Last but not least, participants are happier and have lots of fun!