Roger Bourget Baggers

Roger Bourget Bagger Prototype“There are a lot of builders out there doing builds on baggers.  I assure you none of them have spent the time or money I have spent developing my new line.  I have spent over a year and 500k+ in the designing of the prototype and tooling for my first bike based off of a StreetGlideTM.  All of my parts are 100%  American made, as always.  I do not use anyone else’s parts.  Unfortunately at this point  this makes our parts exclusive to my custom builds.  We are working on conversion kits for the general market.  I want all my customers to know  that my quality and services are superior to my old shop.  After you buy, your a customer for life.  I will always deal with my customers personally.”


  • The front wheel is available in sizes 23″, 26″ and 30″
  • Front fenders are Kevlar
  • Sides of fender are designed to be much more functional with a nicer style
  • Eliminated spacer between the leg and the fender
  • Custom front wheel spacers allowing ABS or not
  • single disc or dual
  • completely redesigned T-6 fork clamps with stainless steal stem and fork extension
  • The inner and outer fairings are lowered 4″
  • The fairing design took months using the meanest sport bike headlights
    with xenon blue HIDs -with lifetime warranty
  • LED turn signals counter sunk in the fairing
  • Fairing mounted mirrors
  • The style of the outer fairing is the most aggressive on the market
  • Inner fairing housing redesigned for state of the art audio/video system
  • 3 different levels of sound system from mild to 1500 Watt
  • Touch screen
  • GPS
  • Blue-tooth
  • Top of the line Kenwood 2013 head units
  • Dakota Digital instrument clusters
  • (2) 6 1/2″ speakers in fairing
  • (2) tweeters in fairing
  • (4) 6″ x 9″s in bags
  • Optional 12 ” sub
  • All speakers and amps are Rockford Fosgate
  • Escort GPS radar detector option that sounds through the tweeters and radar memory
  • Handle bars built in house, different style bars available on request
  • All wiring done through the bars and hidden through the inner fairing
  • No neck kit used here, I cut the entire top off the frame and modified everything
  • My opinion makes the bike stronger then a stock
  • Gas tank lowered 6″
  • Seat lowered 4″
  • I use one of my design radius gas tanks / 6 gallons
  • Dropping the seat makes this bike customizable for a guy that’s 6’6″ or 5′ doesn’t matter this also gives the bike a lower center of gravity and a more comfortable ride
  • Front/Rear air ride suspension option with 3 available levels: raised, ride & lowered  (system can be added at anytime, mounts are standard)
  • Rear arm lengthened 2 1/2″ added wheel base makes for a great ride and stability
  • All motors are completely disassembled powder coated and diamond cut and reassembled with new valves all new bearings and seals – the motor will come back rebuilt
  • Every nut and bolt used is polished stainless steal
  • Exhaust is built in house – mufflers turn down under bags not through the back
  • Bags and side panels, kicked my ass, turned out as the nicest in the industry
  • Top of bag houses 4- 6×9 speakers that are clean and counter sunk with magnetic covers for weather situations
  • Bag doors open with actuators-push button
  • Door on side
  • Inside bag storage is huge
  • LED turn signals counter sunk in bag
  • Side panels follow the radius of the tank
  • 100% Roger Bourget design
  • completely different
  • 1st class
    ….I could go on forever there is nothing we didn’t think of on this project. Step up your old bike or buy a customized brand new one.





As always everything can be customized to fit your every desire.