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Misrepresentation of Roger Bourget

Since Daytona Bike Week was so huge for us all the buzz has been great on Roger Bourget’s new creations, unfortunately people seem to be calling the wrong shop – “the old shop”!  we have been getting calls from people saying they have not received an order, cant get service, are owed money, are being charged for build sheets….  That is not this shop! Apparently people still haven’t heard or havn’t gotten used to the idea Roger Bourget is not located in Arizona anymore.  We feel obligated to keep posting this, with so many unsatisfied customers, I am in no way associated with the shop in Arizona (whose name we can’t  legally mention, but it has the same abbreviation as big beautiful women)  “My old shop in Arizona is not being run the way it was when I was there and I DO NOT endorse the quality, style or direction of anything coming out of that shop.  Roger Bourget’s Chopper Shoppe will always fulfill our orders and do not leave our valued customers hanging.  Thank you for all the interest in Roger Bourget designs and I have lots more to come stick with me on this wild ride.” -Roger Bourget


  • Custom Cycle art


    It's too bad you're having to deal with that. Your name, quality and top notch business ethics will prevail. I am excited to see all your new parts. We are now showing your options to our customers! Good luck! Ride Safe!

  • Mobile Mike


    As an owner of an original 2000 Fat Daddy Bourget it's great to have you back. Will you be at Americade NY this year showcasing some of your new works? Welcome back, the past will soon be forgotten. Mike

  • Jon


    Bout time you came back. Too bad about the BBW shop in Arizona trashing your hard earned name. Keep up the great designs man.

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